Your Summer 2023 Decor Guide

Summer 2023 is upon us, and it’s time to fully embrace summer decor! Whether you’re decorating your home’s interior, sprucing up the exterior, or both, Maison has the guide for you! With years of experience in managing luxurious gated communities, we’ve come to pick up expert decor tips for all seasons. Today, we’re going to share our tips for designing your home this season in your summer 2023 decor guide!


Exterior Summer Decor


Summer is a great time to spruce up your home’s exterior. You can enhance your outdoor space by creating a relaxing patio area, updating your landscaping, or trying out easy DIY projects found on social media sites like Pinterest. Adding outdoor lighting, plants, and porch decorations can give your home a fresh new look for the season. Our communities offer stunning views, but updating your home’s exterior can showcase your unique style and personality.


Interior Summer Decor


If you’re looking to refresh your home this summer, consider switching up your interior decor! Whether you want to experiment with alternate layouts or simply add some new furniture to the mix, your space can feel brand new in no time. This season, light and neutral colors are on-trend, while luxury homes are embracing open and airy vibes. And don’t forget to add your own personal touch through sentimental pieces and artwork! Your home is a reflection of you and with this summer 2023 decor guide, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!


Prepare Your Home For Summer


Whether you’re hosting guests or going on a summer getaway, it’s important to prepare your home. Cleaning and organizing your home will make preparations less stressful, and having the outdoors landscaped and the pool freshly cleaned will make guests feel at ease and ready to jump in. If you’re traveling, make sure your home is equipped with the latest security solutions that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Enjoy your summer from anywhere with peace of mind!


Maison understands that your home is a reflection of you! Your unique personality and design should be showcased throughout your space all year long. Summer is a great time to give your home decor a refresh both inside and out. We hope that this summer 2023 decor guide helps spark some inspiration for your plans for your home! Be sure to follow our blog for more home decor inspiration, expert tips, and community information!

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