Using Paint Colors To Set The Mood

Color has the power to alter emotions and habits more than you’d think. Countless scientific studies have shown that the color in a store can affect buying behavior, while classroom color can affect students’ academic performance. We can apply this science to the wall colors in our home by choosing soothing colors for bedrooms to promote relaxation, vibrant colors for playrooms to stimulate creativity, and peaceful colors for kitchens to create a cozy family feeling.

Sleepy time comes easiest when external stimuli are kept to a minimum, and this includes your bedroom décor. Soft colors like creamy whites and neutral grays are perfect for the bedroom to calm your mood as you get ready for sleep. Colors in the blue family, like gray-blues, ocean blue, and shades of navy work well here, too. Offset dark blue walls with off-white bedding and white or light colored wood furniture. Be careful though, as too much darkness can make the room seem dank and dingy. Having a few bright colors within your decorations like wall art or tabletop pieces will break things up. Lighting is also key, so brighten up with lamp sconces or hanging light fixtures on either side of the bed.

For the family or play room, bright, bold colors can be energizing and stimulating for both kids and parents alike. Choosing a color palette here needs to be done carefully, especially if this room opens to other main living areas of the house and coordination is necessary. If the room is more closed-off, going with an accent wall in a contrasting color with the rest of the room can be invigorating. Think deep orange on the accent and pale green for the rest of the walls. Or sky blue with an olive green accent. Choosing colors that occur together in nature can be a helpful guide, as can the color palettes from paint manufacturers. The key here is to not be afraid to make a statement.

The kitchen is the most lived-in room of the house, so getting the color right in this room is important. If you want to set a mood of happiness and togetherness, bright yellow and apple green are your go-to colors. According to HGTV, these are two of the top kitchen colors, along with gray and blue (dark blues used sparingly). Stay away from red, as it stimulates hunger and may lead to overeating.