Upgrade The 2nd Biggest Selling Point In Your Home

The master suite is one of the biggest selling points in your house, second only to the kitchen in most cases. Updating this area with the latest trends will increase the value of your home significantly when it comes time to sell, not to mention it will allow you to enjoy your space even more in the meantime. Consider the following guidelines to achieve a remarkable renovation.

Tip 1: Lighting – A quick way to change the feel of any room, light fixtures can modernize a space at a low price tag. Install a chandelier in the center of the bathroom or directly over the tub. Replace recessed lights with LED can lights for a sleek and dimmable effect. Swap out bare bulb vanity lights for enclosed fixtures with brass or gold accents. If you’re in for a big change (with a bigger budget), try adding skylights if your home’s architecture will allow it. An overhead natural light will help you get energized in the mornings and, by nature, skylights provide more privacy than exterior wall windows.

Tip 2: Floating fixtures – Bathtubs in the center of the room, not adjacent to a wall, are easier to clean, easier to get in and out of, and much easier to install. These freestanding tubs come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your space and needs and make a unique style statement. A floating vanity functions much the same as a kitchen island and enlarges your actual countertop space as well as the feel of your floor space. Floating toilets do the same, although some prefer to keep them in a water closet.

Tip 3: Incorporate technology – As in other areas of life, bathroom technology is constantly evolving. From low-flow showerheads to smart sink faucets with infrared sensors to reduce water usage, the list is almost endless. Consider a high-tech toilet that automatically warms the seat for you and has variable flush levels. Some even come with motion sensor lid lifters!

Two other things to keep top-of-mind when renovating a master bathroom are 1) installing devices that are age-friendly as the age-in-place trend is likely here to stay and 2) remembering to be eco-friendly as this is a priority for the millennial homebuyer. Do these and you’ll cover most of your bases when it comes to resale while still being able to enjoy your space now.