Tips to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Preparing your home to welcome Autumn is a fun experience every year. With pumpkins and scarecrows coming out to play, there’s plenty of things to decorate, clean, and organize. Similar to Spring cleaning, an Autumn-ready space will help you and your family transition into the new season with ease. Here at Maison, we know comfort. Within all of our partner communities there are amazing lots and houses, but here’s how you can make any house a home this Autumn.

Warm Autumn Decor

Autumn decor is a special type, showing off warm tones and bold colors. Incorporating this into your everyday decorations can help bring an element of Fall into your space. If you want a bit of a change, try swapping out your staple pieces for seasonal ones. For instance, if there is a vase that you keep flowers in, switch it out for an orange or red one. This can pull the warmth of the changing leaves inside to refresh your space for the new season. Another great tip is to switch out any candles, picture frames, or throw blankets for seasonal ones as well. 

Welcoming Entrance

The entrance of your home is said to set the tone for the entire visit. If you’re going to be welcoming guests for any end-of-Summer activities, now’s a good time to refresh the entrance of your house. Your guests should feel your home’s welcoming energy as soon as they step in the door. Picture the entrance of your home and ask yourself “what’s missing?” There may even be an overwhelming amount of decorations. Achieving balance is the key to a welcoming home. Tying your new Autumn decor into your entryway, things are starting to come together!

Autumn Kitchen Refresh

The kitchen is the heart of any home. When transitioning into Autumn, there will probably be baking, spices, and delicious scents blooming all throughout. To prepare your home for the seasonal change, consider a small refresh of your kitchen. Simple acts like switching out hand towels for seasonal colors or putting an Autumn simmer pot on your stove can make all the difference. Warm and cozy are the feelings of Autumn, and so is change. Refreshing your space will refresh your mind, and remind you why you call this house a home. 

Making your home Autumn-ready doesn’t have to be complicated. With our expert tips, you’re sure to create the space that everyone would love to call home. For tips for every season, stay tuned!