The Woodlands’ Finest Water Features

While lush trees and an abundance of green spaces are what The Woodlands is famous for, there are also a lot of wonderful water features in the area as well!

Lake Woodlands is located at the heart of the city, near Hughes Landing and Northshore Park, both offering fantastic places to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, or act as a starting point for your day at the lake! Spanning over 200 acres, this picturesque freshwater lake is the center for some of the city’s finest entertainment and house offerings. The Woodlands is known as an oasis on the water surrounded by the woods, and Lake Woodlands is a premier spot to experience it firsthand.”

Stand up paddle boards, water bikes, swan boats and kayaks are available to rent at the town’s two boat houses, Riva Row located at the Woodlands Waterway, and Lakes Edge located along the dock at Hughes Landing. Or, bring your own to enjoy the lake any time! At the lake, you can start the day with a peaceful kayak ride, and end it enjoying a glass of wine on a waterfront patio at Restaurant Row! Hughes Landing offers the city’s finest sunset views, where the beauty is magnified by glass-like waters.

For those with younger kids, your family is sure to enjoy Northshore Park, featuring brand new playgrounds, picnic tables, sand volleyball courts, barbecue stations and a large patch of green space! Like to fish? The park allows recreational catch and release fishing! 

If rivers are more your speed, head over to the Market Street area, where you can enjoy a beautiful walk alongside the Woodlands Waterway, which is a fantastic way to see the area! The Woodlands Waterway can be considered the lifeblood of the city. It winds through The Township’s center, spilling into Lake Woodlands and connecting all the attractions along its path. We kayak its waters, dine before its edge, and watch the sun set from its banks. This district offers vibrant nightlife, performing arts, dining, hotels, and outdoor green space.”

So, what are you waiting for? Some of the Woodlands’ most spectacular views await you!