Outdoor Decor For Spring

It’s Spring which means it’s time to get your home ready! The exterior of your home gives the first impression so let’s make it a great one! Maison knows how to make your home look timeless and flow with the seasons, but Spring may be the most important. Today, we’re going to share how to make the most of your outdoor decor for Spring and some of our favorite exterior decorating ideas!


Use your home’s natural landscape


Does your home have hills or is it all one flat surface? Do you have modern natural terrain or a lush, green lawn? Either way, decorating the exterior of your home should work with your home’s landscape! If you have large windows that you want to highlight, consider which flowers will look the best without being distracting! If you have a front porch that you love, adding greenery or lights can help make it feel cozier. Whether you love modern decor or traditional elements, decorating for Spring can take any home’s exterior to a new level!                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Bring a touch of personality


While you’re busy decorating, don’t forget that your home should reflect your personal tastes! Using pieces that you’ve grown to love over the years can get stale, so we recommend refinishing or repurposing them! This can bring old decor new life without breaking the bank. Another great way to bring a touch of personality to your outdoor decor is a custom sign with your family’s name on it! These can be done in any style and will add that personal flair to your Spring decor. 


Create a welcoming entryway


While not technically exterior, your entryway is just as important! If you’re hosting, this is often the guest’s first impression of your home. Making your entryway welcoming can be done in a number of different ways but these are our favorites: Keeping the space open will invite fresh air and reduce a feeling of claustrophobia. It can also make your entryway and home look bigger without expanding the size! Ensuring that there is a place for shoes, coats, and other items that are open to your guests is a fantastic way to make your home feel welcoming. An expert tip is to keep separate locations for your family’s belongings and guests’ belongings. This way, there will be less clutter and less confusion. Welcoming Spring into your entryway and home is the perfect way to prepare for the season.

Your home should be reflective of your vision and style and with these outdoor decor tips, you can become a pro in no time! The weather is heating up here in Texas and our communities are waiting for you! See what makes Maison and our communities so special and get in touch today!