Our Favorite Spring 2023 Decor Trends!

Spring 2023 is almost here! Whether you’re spending it near our hometown of Spring, Texas, or anywhere else, Maison is proud to be your expert on all things home. We may be biased, but our luxury communities showcase the best of the best in design. One of the best aspects of having your dream home is decorating it to fit your style and needs! If you’re stuck and unsure where to begin, allow us to introduce you to our favorite Spring 2023 decor trends!


Bold Spring Colors


Neutral tones have been in the lead for a while, but this Spring we’re seeing bold colors make a comeback! Influenced by the ’70s and ’80s, bold accent walls and pieces are showing up in luxury home designs this year. This also ties into another great trend that’s been growing in popularity, which is sustainability. Reusing and refurbishing furniture that you already have is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends without breaking the bank!


Nature-Inspired Decor


You can’t go wrong with big, open windows to elevate your home and let the Sunshine envelop your home. There’s something special about bringing the outside in during the Spring time! Besides open, bright curtains and blinds, greenery is a huge upcoming trend for Spring 2023! Dried eucalyptus is a luxurious addition to your decor, but using it in your bathroom can help awaken your senses. When the dried eucalyptus is hit with steam, the fresh scent will fill your space and bring Spring inside. You can’t go wrong with live plants or flowers, either!


Statement Lighting


While we’re on the topic of the Spring sunshine, this trend is all about making a bright, bold statement. The wonderful thing about statement lighting is your wide variety of options! No matter your interior design preference, there is sure to be a statement piece that will fit your needs. If you’re looking to elevate your space, consider a bright chandelier! If you want to ensure that your kitchen is cozy, custom LED strips can transform a blank wall into a gorgeous statement light. 


The best trends are the ones that work for your unique style! If you’re looking to upgrade your family’s living, check out our available homes within our luxury communities. We hope that by sharing our favorite Spring 2023 design trends, we’ve inspired you to refresh and brighten your home!

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