Inventive Ways to Beat those Winter Blues

It’s the thick of Winter here in Texas, days seem shorter, jackets are heavier, and your mood may be lower. Lift your spirits with these cheerful suggestions that are proven to brighten up the winter days. 


Baking is not only good for the belly, but also the mind! Baking can be a deeply personal experience that can promote happiness and bring you into the present. On those rainy winter days, bring out your baking sheet, flour, pinch of salt, and make something tasty. 

Take A Mental Health Walk

Sometimes the best way to clear your head is to take a walk. With all of the new podcasts out today going for a walk is far from boring. Check out Wise About Texas, a podcast from a Texan local uncovering the rich Texas history. Jacket required!

Invent a New Cocktail

Channel your inner bartender and serve up something boozy and original. Mix sweet with spicy (sugar and tajin rim), or keep it mild with something fruity (sangria anyone?). Bonus points if you add a holiday twist to it. 

Learn a New Hobby

Nothing boosts your spirit like learning a new skill. Take up cross-stitching, boxing, or even start a podcast. Find something you want to build on and fine tune your skill during these colder months. 

Get Up Before The Sun Comes Up

Now I know what you are thinking, this sounds dreadful right. But there is something about seeing the sunrise that gives an unmatched joy. You don’t have to get up at 5am and go on a 10 mile run, but simply sitting outside with a book and a cup of coffee can make for a brighter day. 

We hope this list inspires you and you enjoy these Winter days!