How To Make Your Home Cozier

Home is where the heart is. Home is where family comes together. Home is where you can unwind and let your hair down. Follow these ideas to make your home feel even more cozy during these last few weeks of winter.

Lighting – Lights are so important when it comes to creating ambience and warmth. Overhead lights are harsh and bright bulbs, while necessary for certain tasks, can make a room feel cold. Decorators love lamps – whether on the table or floor – and use them extensively to create a softer atmosphere. Lamp light is easier on the eyes because of surrounding lampshades and by using softer bulbs or dimmers you can set the tone to unwind before bedtime or create the perfect movie-watching setting. Add a few lamps to your living room and bedroom next time you hit the home décor shops.

Pillows and blankets – Nothing is easier or cheaper when it comes to adding a little color or style to a room than adding throw blankets and pillows. In the bedroom, living room, study, or even in the foyer, a splash of color or a bright pattern on a pair of pillows will perk the space right up. Place a soft blanket over a wooden bench in the hallway, add round or geometric shaped pillows to your loveseat, or toss a contrasting colored blanket across your bed for an instant update. Plus, these are functional pieces perfect for cozying up with on a chilly night.

Windows – Decorating your windows will not only change the look of a room, but it can change the feel, too. Rooms will actually be warmer when drapes are closed across drafty windows or when they are opened to let the sunshine in. Decorating around functional blinds (like adding a valance or fabric panels over shutters) can update the style and pull a room together to make it feel cozy.

Rugs – Many Texas homes have tile floors and while these are great for keeping the house cooler in summer, they do the opposite in winter. Add rugs to your hallways, entryways, home office and family room. In the latter, you’ll have a softer place to play with kids and pets. You can even use rugs over top of carpeting – perfect for updating the look as seasons change or for covering up that stain you just can’t get out.