How To: Make The Most Out of Your Summer

It’s summer, it’s hot, sunny, and so much fun. Wondering what you can get into around the Springs this summer? Keep reading to find a plethora of options that aren’t only fun alone but great with friends as well. 


Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

This activity is great for a variety of different groups. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday, graduation, or summer hangout, a vineyard tasting is always going to be fun as long as everyone is 21+. Not only is it fun, it’s also educational and can inform you on what kind of wine you prefer. Wild Stallion Vineyards is a 2-3 hour experience that guides you through the Blanc du Bois grapevine history while tasting the wine itself. They also host events all summer, be sure to check out their website for upcoming events being held here.


Hurricane Harbor Splash Town

Houston’s biggest waterpark is fun for the whole family! Not just for the kiddos but the adults can enjoy this splash park too. After their renovation in 2014 they incorporated more interactive attractions including a surf simulation!


Picnic in The Park

A picnic in the park is sometimes the perfect activity to get in that summer time spirit. Enjoy fresh produce and snacks from Atkinson Farms close by, grab a beach towel, a bottle of wine (maybe one from Wild Stallion Vineyards) and get comfy by the water at Pundt Park, dogs are allowed too!


Walking Ghost Tour

Are you a thrill seeker? Spring is full of haunts and those are now unveiled. Check out a walking ghost tour and learn the history of the town. Houston Ghost Tour and Old Town Spring Ghost Tour are two good options for a guided walking tour that is led by lanterns, it’s both thrilling and educational.



One of the easiest ways to embrace the summer season is to stargaze! Either lay a towel out in the backyard or in the bed of a truck and look up at the night sky. Just be sure to bring bug spray and maybe a telescope if you really want to dive deep into the experience.


There is so much to do this summer in Springs! Enjoy one or all of these activities and get out there in the sunny Texas sun!