How to Freshen up your Space

Not feeling inspired by your space, thinking your home needs a refresh? No better time than now to rethink your home’s aesthetic as spring and summer are practically here! Keep reading to learn how to brighten up your home for the changing of seasons.


Refresh Your Windows

Now that we are getting more sunlight, let’s showcase it! Start by cleaning your windows from the inside and outside then rethink your blinds or curtains. If you have blinds, take them off and see how it looks, or replace it with curtains. If you already have curtains you can try a lighter color or even sheer to bring in more sunlight. 


Bring In Elements of the Season

A cool way to really get in tune with the season is to bring the elements inside! This means bringing plants and flowers indoors. You can even get creative and plant a succulent bar in your home. 


Deep Clean

Start your home refresh by doing a deep clean of your place, this means closets too! Do it yourself or hire a professional to come in and clear the dust. A fresher feel of your home is almost guaranteed!


Upgrade Your TV

Have you seen the Frame TV by Samsung? This TV doubles as a television and a work of art! It can drastically change the way you see your space. Imagine walking into your living room and having a replica of The Mona Lisa hanging in place of your TV! It’s the perfect way to switch up your space but not changing much.


Chose a Signature Scent 

Your home should feel like a sanctuary. Light up a candle and make it your home’s signature scent this spring and summer. This gives a unified feel to your home, and whenever you smell the candle you will feel at home, no matter where you are. 


These are just a few ways to refresh your home during the spring and summer seasons. Take one or all and transform the place you call home!