Finding the Perfect Pool Company

Nowadays, it seems that more homes have backyard pools than ever! And while they’re a great feature for any family home, pools can get expensive very quickly. However, they act as a great selling point for any home, and can dramatically increase a property’s overall value. While there are a wide variety of pool companies to choose from, here are a few important things to look for when choosing the perfect contractor…

Define your style. 

In your initial search, keep an eye out for pool designs and styles that you’re drawn to. When choosing a builder, you should always choose one whose style to gravitate towards, as your end product will look similar! 

Look for certifications.

Look for a vendor that has experience. While these companies may be more expensive, their knowledge and skill will give you peace of mind knowing you chose right. In terms of pool contractors, try and find one that has a CBP, or Certified Pool and Spa Building Professional certification! This lets clients know that the company’s main builder has been through extensive training on pool building, and has a wide range of experience and knowledge in a professional setting. 

Additionally, ask to see their insurance. A reputable pool company will have liability insurance, as well as a contractor’s license. 

Ask for referrals, and reach out to past clients.

There is no better indicator of quality than hearing directly from clients who have used a company in the past! When meeting with a contractor, ask them to refer you to some of their past clients, so you can see photos of their past builds, and ask about their experience. This will give you a better idea of the entire building process from sale to completion, rather than just the physical product.

Bids aren’t everything.

While it is important to ask for bids from several contractors to compare price and process, don’t let the price be your #1 driving factor. Take into consideration the skill, experience, design and heart of the company when making your decision! 

Listen to your gut! In most cases, the right vendor will be one who is excited to work on your project, and brings an air of confidence to the table. We wish you luck on your pool building journey!