Finding Community in a New Neighborhood

Because spring is typically the biggest selling season for houses, summer is often a popular time to move! The kids are out of school, and there’s a little more time to pack and move in this slower season of life. Besides moving houses being a big change, adjusting to a new neighborhood brings on a list of challenges on its own. After living in a neighborhood for a while, you get to know your neighbors, the local businesses and the best places to eat. When changing locations, you’re forced to start from scratch! Here are a few tips for a smooth adjustment when moving to a new neighborhood. 

Plug in before your move. If community is important to you, get a head start on introducing yourself to your neighbors before you even move in! Resources such as the Nextdoor App, or a neighborhood Facebook group can allow you to connect with a wide variety of people in the community and allow you to keep up with local news. Keep a look out for like-minded people, such as potential play mates for your children, or individuals who may be interested in joining a running club. Additionally, ask for recommendations for local businesses or restaurants as a way to start conversation. A win-win! 

Get involved. The easiest way to meet others is through some sort of organization. Whether it be at a fitness class, a neighborhood sports group, or doing community work, getting involved in your neighborhood instantly allows you to meet new people. If your neighborhood seems to be lacking in opportunities to socialize, create your own! Facebook makes it easy to organize events and clubs of any shape and size, and there are sure to be other community members looking for ways to become more involved. 

Walk your dog! Having a pet actually acts as a great way to meet other people, whether you intend to or not! By simply walking the neighborhood, you’re bound to run into others walking their pets. If your area has a dog park, connect with regulars and plan times to meet together. This is a great way to make friends for you, and your dog! 

By following one or all of these tips, you’ll be plugged into your new community in no time! By simply reaching out, or even starting your own neighborhood events, you’re sure to find like-minded individuals and begin building a solid community!