Enhance Your Living Space

Making the most of your living space can allow you to feel less stressed and happier while giving you the tangible benefits of organization and cleanliness. Enhance each room in your home by using some of the following tips to maximize your space.


  • In any room, painting or putting wallpaper on the ceiling will add the illusion of height. Stick to lighter colors to give it an open, airy feel – this goes for walls, too. Vertical stripes also add height, so get out the ruler and painters tape and stripe away!
  • If you don’t have room to “float” your furniture, at least pull it away from the walls a little bit, even just a few inches. This will give your furniture breathing space and make your room appear larger. You can make up for that space behind by placing a narrow table or installing a shelf at furniture height and decorating with tall pieces such as long candlestick holders, long-stemmed lamps, or live plants.
  • Go big in a small space – when it comes to décor, lots of small pieces make a room feel cluttered, whereas a couple of larger vases on the coffee table and one massive piece of artwork on the wall create a sense of expansiveness.
  • Use lots of mirrors, just not opposite from each other. The best place to put a large mirror? Opposite from a window. This will reflect the natural light giving the room a sense of openness and brightness.
  • In the kitchen, using glass cabinet doors or having open cabinets and shelves makes the room feel bigger (and virtually forces you to stack the dishes neatly!). If you have windows in this room, consider leaving them uncovered if not necessary for privacy – that extra fabric can feel heavy and close off the room.
  • Tiny bathrooms also benefit from glass cabinets. Pedestal sinks are another great idea. A glass shower door or clear shower curtain help open this space, too.
  • Choose a color palette that is monochromatic. Painting the walls, trim, doors and ceiling in varying shades of the same color make a room look larger, especially if you carry this theme throughout your entire home. Think bright and off white, light and medium gray, or buttery and bright yellow. Bring in other colors in very small quantities, such as pillows and picture frames and be careful not to accent with very dark shades.



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