Curtain Hanging Tips For Every Room

Looking for a great way to liven up a room? Try new curtains! Window dressings add style and sophistication to any room and make for a great starting point when it comes to accessorizing. You can pull in a new color. You can up the level of drama. Alternately, you can make a room more casual. All with curtains!

When considering hanging curtains, first think about the feeling you want for your room. This will help determine the color, style, fabric, and length you choose. If you want the curtains to blend in and soften up the space, choose a lighter color in a plain or understated pattern and have them settle just at the floor. Going for a dramatic look? Then satin or high-sheen fabric, bold color and floor puddling length will do just that. A few trends for 2019 include deep jewel tones and gold colors.

Think of your curtains as more of an accessory than a permanent fixture. You can change your curtains with the season, using a heavier fabric and darker color for the winter and sheers or light colors for spring and summer. This will give your room a constant update!

The second thing to consider is function. Do you want the curtains to be decorations or functional window coverings? Decorations can be narrow panels hung on individual rods, where window coverings must be significantly wider and hung on the same rod (if you’re using more than one curtain). For room-darkening curtains, thicker fabric and dark colors – or a lighter color with a liner behind – are necessary.

Once you’ve got your curtain type and style in mind, the next step is choosing a hanging method. A current trend is to place the curtain rod very high. Hang the curtains starting all the way at the top of the wall, just touching the ceiling or directly underneath the crown molding. When using this technique, you can make the curtains into a wall covering by extending them the entire width of the room.