Creating A Gallery Wall

Ever noticed someone else’s gallery wall and thought you’d like to try that in your own home? Gallery walls are like an explosion out of the traditional gallery frame – adding a personal touch to a large wall or stairwell in almost any room of your home. Here are some tips for creating the perfect gallery for you:

Choose a subject: Choosing one subject for your gallery will give it continuity. Whether that subject is your wedding, your child, or a particular vacation, having a single memory attached to each item in your gallery will make it cohesive and have even more personal meaning.

Choose a focal point, or not: Having one larger item in the center of your gallery wall will draw attention there first. This larger piece can set the tone for the whole wall so consider it carefully, as well as the type of frame it comes in. This does not have to be a photograph, it could be a piece of artwork, a child’s drawing, a hand-stitched cloth – basically anything that is meaningful to you and the subject of your wall. If you don’t want a focal point, use same-sized frames around the center and gradually get smaller as you spread out from the middle, or use different sized frames throughout.

Choose a scheme: Galleries can come in all different shapes and sizes, but also in all different schemes. By scheme, think eclectic vs. traditional or square vs. oval. Depending on how conservative you want to be (coordinating frames of different sizes) or going for a hodgepodge look (various sizes, textures, and colors) will help determine the products you purchase for your wall.

Layout your pattern: Lay your items out on the floor in the pattern you want to hang on your wall, so you can easily move things around. Use empty frames and place photos/artwork on top of them, for easy rearranging. Keep receipts in case you don’t like the look once you’ve set it up. Using painter’s tape, make the outline on your wall – a very large rectangle or square that all your pieces will fit inside of. Use a laser measure or level to mark holes for hanging frames. Alternatively, use a large roll of butcher paper to make a template or a service like Shutterfly that will design and mail one to you.

Once your wall is complete, invite your friends over to admire it. You never know who you’ll inspire next!