5 Tips For The BEST Holiday Gathering

How do you host the BEST holiday gathering? We have some ideas. Like it or not, the holidays are approaching quickly, and it’s time to start planning if you haven’t already. Lucky for you, Maison has gathered our top 5 expert tips to host the best holiday gathering this year. You’ll want to stick around for these, and more, home tips and tricks all year round! 


1. Have your holiday guests RSVP


When planning a holiday gathering, it’s important to know what to expect. Having your guests RSVP can make your life as a host much easier! If you’d like to get fancy, you can send invitations via the mail or set up a virtual event. This way, your guests can have all of the information at a moment’s notice and you can have one less hosting duty to stress about. 


2. Plan a simple holiday menu


The best holiday gatherings have a stunning menu. Fortunately, this can also mean a simple menu! Meals that can be made on one pan, in the crockpot, or prepped overnight can help elevate your menu without adding too much stress. There’s so many delicious food options that utilize food that is in season like pumpkin. Just be sure to start your shopping early enough to avoid last-minute trips to the grocery store. 


3. Maximize your home’s gathering space


Now that we have a guest list and menu put together, it’s time to start planning how you’ll seat your guests. This doesn’t just apply to dinner, either. Checking out your living room, kitchen, and bathroom space and ensuring that both your and your guests will have enough room is important. If you start soon, you can rearrange furniture for a more open space, or remove excess clutter that isn’t necessary and could be in the way. 


4. Remember the meaning of the holidays


Overall, the real meaning of the holidays is family. Whether you have chosen family, related family, or are spending the holidays with only a few people, the guests are what will make your holiday gathering the best. If all of the details aren’t quite perfect, don’t worry – guests don’t usually notice the baseboards or ceilings like you would. They will be thankful for the gathering and excited to see family and friends, no matter the condition of your home. 


5. Inspiration is everywhere!


We might be biased, but we love browsing local social media for inspiration. The holidays are a booming time for the internet, magazines, and television. Keep an eye out for the latest trends! Holiday gathering inspiration can be found almost everywhere you go, from the grocery store to department stores. You never know when a new idea will strike, so have fun with it!

With all of these tips, your holiday gathering is about to be the BEST ever! Remember above all that if you’re having fun, your gathering will be a hit no matter what. If things don’t go exactly to plan, that’s okay too! This time of year is all about friends, family, and joy. Be sure to follow Maison for more tips throughout this upcoming holiday season – we love the holidays and hope to share all of our expert knowledge!