3 Prep Tips for Back-To-School

August is back to school time in Texas, these tips will have you and your kids ready to go! Preparation is key to a successful transition from lazy summer days to the routine of the school year. Follow these guidelines to glide smoothly through the rest of this month.

Prep the gear: Kids need school supplies and sometimes that can feel like a laundry list of items needed for the classroom. However, instead of shopping the packed aisles at Wal-Mart, you can usually order grade-specific items directly through your school’s PTA. While it is very likely that the deadline to do this was back in May, your school may have extras on-hand so it is worth looking into buying one of the overstocked kits. And now that you know, put a reminder in your calendar for next spring! It’s also time to purchase new backpacks, lunch boxes, school clothes, and shoes, so head out to the stores and grab what you need on August 9-11th, which is the tax-free weekend here in Texas this year!

Prep the transportation: Do your kids ride the bus to school? Be on the lookout for communication from the school about bus stop locations and times. Walk from your front door to that location and time how long it takes to get there so you’ll know when to have your kids ready. If you’re a car rider, time your drive route to school and come up with at least one alternative. Walkers and bikers will benefit from a trial run to help build confidence in their biking skills and so you can point out the proper street crossing techniques.

Prep the kids: It’s natural for bedtimes and wake-up calls to get later and later as the summer weeks pass by. But, with those early morning alarms right around the corner, help your kids by backing up their bedtimes by about 10-15 minutes per night the two weeks leading up to school. Elementary and middle-school aged children need about 10-11 hours of sleep per night, and high schoolers need 8-10, according to Sleep.org. Tired kids are not only cranky and difficult to handle, but they also don’t perform as well in school. Give your kids the best start to their day by ensuring they get plenty of rest.